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Le Purr is the FIRST artistically made adult magazine of its kind that showcases the absolute SEXXIEST women you have ever seen. From tattooed to fetish, to pin-up and alternative, we’ve got something for everyone!

 Le Purr features tasteful and implied nudes, pasties, and classic sex kittens. This is the naughty, un-leashed version of our sister magazine ‘The Cat's Meow’… just with less clothes, more purr, and a lot of me-owwww!

 If you’re looking for the typical “adult magazine” then look away! Much more than a few pictures and boring articles, Le Purr showcases women in the most elegant, sensual way possible with exclusive content on the models, photographers, and other top names in the industry. Trust me, ALL your senses will be titillated!



The Cat’s Meow is a small, independently owned magazine that is all about promoting HOT women, great photographers, excellent hair & make-up artists, and bad ass clothing, shoe, and accessory lines from all across the world! Anything from Pinup to Tattooed, High Fashion to Alternative!

 With exclusive articles on the best names in the world, from models to photographers, to bands, clothing lines, even all the way to tattoo artists... If it’s ‘the cat’s meow’ then we’ve got it!  We also ONLY publish the hottest models you’ve ever laid eyes on, who have been shot by some of the best photographers in the biz.  The Cat’s Meow is unlike most magazines out these days because we feature "real" ladies, from thick to thin, tattooed and modified, who don't necessarily fit into the stereotypical mold that society has deemed on "magazine worthy" models.

 The Cat’s Meow Magazine started in the winter of 2010. The goal was to just be an East Coast based magazine, but in a few short months it grew so rapidly that now we feature people from all across the globe. Run by Someday DeLight, a locally & internationally published model herself, she knows first-hand how cruel this industry can be, and along with her small team, they strive every day to uphold a positive, caring, and professional attitude toward the people they feel are worthy of promoting.

 We know how cutthroat and back-stabbing this industry can be, and we bust our asses every day to break that standard.  We fully support small, local, newbie, and independent people & businesses, so if we can do our tiny part in spreading the word about them then we'll do what it takes!

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